Big Changes

Big changes & improvements are coming to Clear’s Tai Chi Online.

As you probably saw, we just released a new Level 1 DVD package with new better footage and more in depth instruction.

This new stuff is just the beginning of what’s happening here at Clear’s Tai Chi Online.

First, We’re moving.

For a long time this Tai Chi Members area has been completely separate from the stuff happening over at This means folks who are members of multiple programs are required to have two separate accounts with different logins.

That’s changing. Clear’s Tai Chi Online is moving over to (and eventually all our online programs will be hosted there.)

Second, New Better Video & mobile friendly.

We’ve re-filmed almost all of Level 1 and we’re working on level 2. Better lighting, better cameras and it’s in hd.

Also, all the video will be mobile friendly. (only level 2 volumes 7 & later are mobile friendly on the current site.)

Third, Better instruction

We are constantly working on our teaching methods just as much as our martial arts skills.

Level 1 has undergone a few minor changes and we’ve added a few things to help students pick up the Level 1 skills better.

Level 2 is quite difficult for folks. As it should be, level 2 does get you to a black sash level in Clear’s Tai Chi. Even so we are constantly working to make our programs as efficient, effective & easy as possible.

We’ve taken the level 2 material and broken it down into 5 parts. So you can focus on each section one at a time and test for them individually as you work through level 2.

All the old footage is not going anywhere. You will still be able to access all the original footage and lessons. So you can benefit from both the new and old instruction.

The Catch.

For security reasons we can’t simply export your account and payment info from the current system and upload it into the new one.

We need you to create a new subscription to the new site over at
…and once that’s done, cancel your old subscription here.

How to switch your account

Step 1: Create a new subscription.

Click Here to go to and create a new subscription.

Once that’s done you can browse around and check out some of the new video.

Step 2: Cancel you’re old subscription
You can cancel the old subscription directly from your paypal account our you can use the link below:


And that’s it

Go study. All the old stuff is already over there along with a bunch of the new Level 1 stuff. The rest of the new level 1 stuff will go up over the next two weeks and you’ll start seeing new level 2 video along with that.

We also have footage from various Tai Chi workshops and seminars that will be going up soon.

If you have any questions or issues during the process email me at

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