The Big 8, Lesson 9 – Full Set With Follow Along Instructions

 Big Eight Lesson 9

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Full Set – Full Set With Follow Along Instructions

This set will be done with instructions and you can follow along.

  1. Begin with Wu Chi.
  2. Bring the right leg up all the way so that the toe barely touches. Sink on the left leg. Bring the right leg up into the air. Breathe in. Breathe out as you step. Step down with just the heal. Sink and come over so that now the weight is equal.
  3. Raise the arms and the body. Everthing drops and sinks on the way down. Breathe out.
  4. Roll underneath with the left hand. Step with the foot just back a little bit.
  5. Step over to the right a bit. Three moves.
  6. Rock back and look back at your hands. Pass with Brush Knees one. Turn and look. Do two more Brush Knees.
  7. Rock back. Both hands are up. Both hands face out. Both hands go down.
  8. Look back at the hand. Breath in and out. Do four Monkey Retreats.
  9. Now look at your hands. Do three stationary Cloud Hands. Step and slide three times. Watch where your hands are going. Step back with three steps.
  10. Out and down with Carry the Cauldron.
  11. Do Grand Tai Chi.
  12. Stand in Wu Chi.

In Cloud Hands, the move is considered a chaos move, so you simply breathe naturally.

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