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The Videos

Featuring 157 Tai Chi Lessons and over 38 hours and 49 minutes of instruction available right now.

And new lessons added every week.

You will be able to access Clear’s Tai Chi videos from anywhere in the world with a high speed internet connection.

Level 1 is already available. This includes:

  • Chi Energy DVD
  • Clear’s Tai Chi Big 8 Move Set
  • Clear’s Tai Chi 13 Move Set
  • Basic Skills Tape 1
  • Basic Skills Tape 2
  • Sticky Hands & Push Hands
  • Basic Self Defense Applications Tape A
  • Basic Self Defense Applications Tape B
  • Freestyle Self Defense & Push Hands Games Intro (Emphasis on Evasion, Dissolving And Neutralization)
  • Tai Chi Nei Gung

Level 2 is on the way.
Your membership includes access to all level 2 video we have posted so far.
There are 18 videos on level 2. We are posting new lessons from these videos every week. Eventually all 18 videos will be available here.

Level 3 & 4 will be available as well. However you will need to complete the level 1 & 2 material before you can gain access to these sections.

Combat Tai Chi – Our 5 Volume series on Sticky Hands & Push Hands is on the way. Volumes 1, 2 & 3 on Sticking, Fa Jing & Fa Jing neutralization are already available and Volume 4 is coming in November.

The People

You will gain access to the Clear’s Tai Chi Online forums. You will be able to ask questions and gain insight from Clear’s Tai Chi students all over the world (many of which already have 15 – 30 years in the arts) including senior students of Sigung Clear and of course Sigung Clear himself.

System Requirements

You will need a high speed internet connection and an internet browser that can play flash video.

Internet Explorer, Firefox & Google Chrome should all work. Though we are still testing to make sure.

If you don’t have a paypal account you will be asked to create one when you register. At this time we are only able to offer subscriptions through paypal.


The cost for this service is $97 for the first month and then $47 per month after that.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you wish to cancel for any reason within the first 30 days just let us know and we’ll give you a full refund.

After 30 days we’ll keep your money but you can still cancel at any time.

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