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Clear’s Tai Chi Level 1

The “Basic Skills” level. Beginners usually spend 3 – 6 months studying this material before they are ready to move on.

Experienced Tai Chi players should review some of the basics in Level 1 before starting Level 2.

Clear’s Tai Chi Level 2

The Intermediate level. This level can take students 2 years or longer to complete. If you struggle with any of the material in Level 2 go back and review the relevant lessons in Level 1.

You can start studying level two at any time. However we recommend that students get their Level 1 certification before digging too deep into Level 2.

Clear’s Tai Chi Level 3

The Advanced Level. You must complete levels 1 & 2 to gain access to this level.

Clear’s Tai Chi Level 4

The Master Level. You must have completed levels 1, 2 & 3 to gain access to this level.

Combat Tai Chi

Supplemental material focused on the fighting aspects of Tai Chi.

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