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Our instructors constitute a confederation of legitimate Tai Chi practitioners united around a pursuit of the highest levels of internal skill and dedicated to sharing their knowledge and training the Tai Chi masters of tomorrow.

Clear’s Tai Chi Level 1

Basic Skills Instructor

You can test for Level 1 in person at our Maryville location or by Skype. Please call ahead to schedule an appointment (865-379-9997).

You can also test by sending us a video, but keep in mind the following points:

  • Try to keep the video as brief and to the point as possible. Turn the camera on, state which skill your are showing and then do it. However, when you are showing the skill make sure to do it properly. Don’t Rush. We will be able to see if the energy is flowing properly on film. We recommend that you practice each skill for a minute before you turn the camera on and demonstrate it on film.
  • Make sure that we can see you from head to toe.
  • When you are demonstrating Wu Chi and Hold The Bowl/Embrace The Tree show us both a front and side view.

The cost of the test is $100. That does not guarantee certification. However, pass or fail we will give you corrections and notes on what to work on. We’d be happy to talk by phone as well.

We accept Checks, Money Orders or Credit Cards

Clear’s Tai Chi Level 1 Test – $100

Level 1 Test Requirements

  • 1. Wu Chi (demonstrate Wu Chi)
  • 2. Electrical Energy Ball (While in Wu Chi bring the hands together in front of you and form an electrical energy ball)
  • 3. Tai Chi Walking (forward & backwards)
  • 4. Breath Coordination with Moves (Demonstrate with the Big 8 Move Set)
  • 5. Fluid from beginning to end (Demonstrate with the 13 Move Set)
  • 6. Electrical Energy Tai Chi Set (Demonstrate with the Big 8 Move Set)
  • 7. Hold Bowl / Embrace the Tree (Demonstrate properly for about 30 seconds)
  • 8. Marrow Washing (Make sure to get at least 3 proper breaths that roll all the way down the legs. If you need to spend a few minutes getting the marrow washing happening before you turn on the camera that is ok.)
  • 9. Underwater Version (Demonstrate with the 13 Move Set)
  • 10. Push Hands
    1. Wu No Style (spend 1 min doing this push hands method with a partner. It’s ok if you get moved but make sure alignments, relaxation & rooting are happening properly.)
    2. Soft Uncle Bill version (same as above)
  • 11. Sinking weight from Leg to Leg (Demonstrate with the Big 8 Move Set)
    1. Above Ground (Use this method for the first half of the set: Opening to Strum the Lute)
    2. Under Ground (Use this method for the second half of the set: Monkey Retreats to Grand Tai Chi)
  • 12. Pendulum Swinging (Demonstrate with the Big 8 Move Set)
  • 13. Waving Seaweed Version (Demonstrate with the 13 Move Set)
  • 14. 1 Basic Self Defense Application for each move (Slowly and carefully demonstrate one application for each move on a partner.)
    1. Apparent Opening
    2. Rise & Fall
    3. Wild Horse
    4. White Crane
    5. Brush Knee
    6. Strum the Lute
    7. Monkey Retreats
    8. Cloud Hands
    9. Needle At Sea Bottom
    10. Fan Through Back
    11. Rollback & Push
    12. Carry the Cauldron
    13. Grand Tai Chi

Clear’s Tai Chi Level 2

To test for Level 2 you must study all of the Level 2 Videos and test in person at our National Headquarters in Maryville, TN.

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